Create powerful mobile forms for your business in minutes
Collect data anywhere, anytime

Improve accuracy and speed of data capture

Reduce double entry and lost paperwork

Eliminate the delay between collecting data and producing reports

Replace your paper forms with no coding

Using our forms designer and mobile application convert your paper forms into electronic forms for your smartphone or tablet

Easy to Operate

Forms are easy to create with our drag and drop forms designer

Remote Management

Remotely update your forms while your users are out in the field

Email Notifications

Receive an email as soon as a form has been sent from the device

Photo Capture

Take photos and make notes on them by drawing on the image


Download preloaded images for existing drawings or plans

Form Validation

Validation of data entered in the field stops unwanted data entry errors

Work Offline

You don't need internet to fill out your form until you're ready to send it in

Create Reports

Export data from the web portal into files such as PDF, HTML or Excel

API Integration

Integrate your systems directly into our systems using our RESTful API

On Screen Signatures

Capture signatures directly on the mobile device

Complex Calculations

Perform simple or complex calculations based on data entered on your forms

GPS Collection

Collect the position of the data being collected and visualise on a map

Create reports tailored to your needs

With our simple and effective reporting tools you can create your own templates and configure reports to be generated as soon as data is received from the field